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About Us
Van der Wolks strives to bring you some of the finer things in life at reasonable prices. We have three primary points of focus: furnishings, gifts, and interior design.

We travel the world over in search of beautiful furniture that can add style to any home, be it formal or casual, traditional or modern. Brimfield, San Telmo, and Les Puces Ė these are only a few of the spots we find ourselves striking deals to bring the things we canít resist to our customers. We focus less on an itemís provenance and more on its looks, quality, and pricing.

Our gift selection consists of both well-known, mainstream producersí items and those of talented friends and acquiantances. Regardless, we try to cover all the bases between wedding presents, hostess gifts, and stocking stuffers.

Interior design represents a healthy percentage of our revenue. Benefiting from a design degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale as well as childhood vacations spent circling the globe rather than heading for Orlando, our lead designer has both an eye for worldly style and the skills needed to bring design jobs to successful conclusion with everyone leaving happy.

Please enjoy perusing our website. We built it ourselves so it isnít yet perfect. It is, however, a pretty fair representation of what we do, what gives us a charge, and what we offer. Cheers